We opened our doors in Rochester, Michigan in 1996. Our small company, Images Unlimited, set out to accommodate the needs of Manufactured Housing Communities with one of the industry’s leading, and nationally recognized, Landscape Architects and Site Planners in tow. While working with many communities across the nation, Images Unlimited began to develop a niche for durable and affordable custom signage. The experience and knowledge gained from constructing, and installing, signs for every type of climate is invaluable.

From our previous practice and expertise, we have been able to fully expand on our product line. We’ve been able to take what we learned about materials, paint, designs and environmental factors, and apply it to interior, exterior, commercial, residential and wholesale applications. Creating custom signs for any type of client, which will tolerate typical wear and tear, at an affordable price is what Images Unlimited is all about.

At Images there is a saying: “First there’s price, then there’s cost.” Because Images Unlimited is able to create high quality products that sustain durability at an affordable price, customers are able to keep costs low. Paying a cheaper price for something of lesser quality will inevitably add more cost down the road through maintenance and repairs.

Contact Images Unlimited and rest assured that you are in the company of true sign experts and craftsmen who are working to bring your ideas to life.

Mission Statement